How to Use Rice Water for Hair Growth

How to Use Rice Water for Hair

After using rice water for several weeks I have noticed longer thicker and healthier hair like I have never seen before. Even my friends have noticed! Rice water is full of nutrients and vitamins and can be used for a variety of things! Try using rice water as a face toner or even a face wash. Watch this video to learn how to use rice water for hair growth.

Rice water is an ancient beauty secret in Asia that has been used for hundreds of years. Ladies have used this to achieve gorgeous hair and healthy and beautiful skin. You can use whichever rice you’d like, but just like with most things organic is preferred. This process is called fermentation so your rice water might smell a little sour but once you wash your hair the smell will go away. This rice water is very potent so make sure to mix it with some water before using, and if you find that it makes your hair a little dry try mixing it with a little bit of oil, like lavender, rosemary, or olive oil before using.

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  1. I’ve been researching many YouTube videos and also on Google about the rosewater I’m really intrigued and it’s excited as for the results I have made my rice water out of jasmine rice I’ve also used regular white rice and I will also use brown but the most I’m seeing about massaging it into my scalp after my showers and as a spray to my scalp is that my edges are getting thicker and Fuller it’s only been a week so it hasn’t been long enough to see perfect results but I’m looking forward to it if there’s any suggestions that you can share with me on how to get sicker beautiful hair I am African-American 56 years young and I’m looking forward too hearing from you very soon thank you.


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