Proper Skin Care Routine using Lancome Products


Proper Skin Care Routine

How many times have you asked yourself: What is a good skin care routine? What are all the skin care products I need? When do I use this skin care product? What does this skin care product mean? What’s a serum, what’s a lotion? Will this skin care product work for my oily skin?

If you’ve been asking yourself these questions & have been confused for years just like me. Then you MUST watch this PROPER SKIN CARE video. I’m going to show you a morning & night skincare routine that works for every skin type! I’m going to list the face cleansing steps for each skin care product so you’ll know exactly when to use them. Trust me, I know how confusing it gets, especially when you want that beautiful & flawless complexion. After so many years I have finally mastered the art of skin care & so I want to teach you too. Say goodbye to your confusion 🙂 Whether you need a face routine for clear skin or need some advice for oily & sensitive skin, I GOTCHU! Watch this video if you want to learn: – Basic Skin Care techniques for every skin type – The order in which to use each skin care product

In this video I’m going to be using 2 skin care products that were gifted to me for testing purposes. Not only do I believe in a good skin care routine, I also believe in using good quality skin care. This is why I choose to use these Lancome skin care products. They are the Lancôme Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate Serum and the Lancôme Rénergie Lift Multi-Action Ultra Moisturizer Firming and Dark Spot Correcting Moisturizer Sunscreen SPF. Lancome has been used in my family for decades so I was thrilled to receive these. After testing them out for a couple of weeks they did not disappoint. The serum cleared up my complexion within days and overall gave me a more supple and youthful appearance. The moisturizer has this soft formula that left my skin feeling smooth as well.

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hello beautifuls it’s keebuutrends providing you with trending product
reviews and beauty tutorials in today’s video I’m going to be showing you a
proper skincare routine and the order in which you should use each product just a
background on my skin I have normal skin meaning it never gets too oily and it
never gets too dry I consider it’s seasonal skin because during the
summertime it gets oily and during the winter time it gets dry so when I say
proper skin care routine what I really mean is the basic or essential skincare
products that everyone could be using so for example if I’m going to mention a
moisturizer or a toner you want to make sure that you get a toner that is
catered to your skin type now for today’s video I’m going to be using
these Lancome skin care products that were gifted to me from Lancome thank
you Lancome I wanted to put these Lancome skincare products in this video because
I believe in good quality skin care that has been around for years
for example products that my mother would know about I usually feel that
with these products I’ll most likely get the results that I’m looking for it’s
long lasting so it’s pretty much well worth the money and I love the packaging
but without further ado let’s get into the steps
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that notification bell down below so you’ll be notified of when
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confusion when it comes to skincare step number one is a makeup remover there are
different types of makeup removers there’s cleansing oils there’s makeup
remover sheets and if you can’t afford these you can even use some olive oil or
some coconut oil in the same way that you would use a cleansing oil this first
step is not necessary in the morning but it doesn’t hurt especially with the
cleansing oil because if you do start with the cleansing oil first allows you
to massage your face for a little bit this is a really popular tradition in
Korea in today’s video I’m going to be using these by bifesta cleansing wipes I
have talked a lot about the on my Instagram and my Instagram stories
they don’t just remove the makeup but they also add moisture if like this is
the only thing I’m going to use to remove my makeup I feel really confident
just using this I could wear some of the most stubborn mascara but this stuff will
get everything off but again you can use like olive oil or coconut oil and it
will have the same effect it will just like melt everything off of your face
now the next step is to cleanse your skin some people call this the double
cleansing method if you are doing this after the cleansing oil this is very
popular in Korea because they believe that it will make your skin look even
nicer but you can just use this as your first step and it’s often my first step
in my skincare routine there are different types of cleansers there’s
cream cleansers foaming cleansers cleansing oils I believe foaming
cleansers are the best because they work really well at removing all your makeup
and really getting in there to remove all the dirt and debris also don’t be
afraid to use cleansing oils or olive oil our coconut oil if you have oily
skin because it won’t make your skin more oily you can also use a brush while
you’re cleansing the skin I have one from Daiso that massages my face there’s
other brushes like the Clarisonic that will exfoliate your skin clear out your
pores make your skin clear and deep cleanse your skin these brushes are
especially good if you have certain skincare concerns like acne dull skin
blackheads or clogged pores the brushes will really help in those situations
my favorite cleanser is the Shiseido white Lucent foaming cleanser I did a
review of this product so you can just click the link up above to check out
that video I love this cleanser because it works so well at removing my makeup
and I love the white Lucent line from Shiseido because it really helps to
brighten up and clear my complexion for me the properties that I love most in
skincare products is the brightening properties so according to your skin
type you want to pick out a product that is catered to your skin type now the
next step is to exfoliate there are a few different ways to exfoliate like
using that Clarisonic brush or using a facial scrub if you have
sensitive skin you should only exfoliate once a week and if you have normal to
combination skin you can exfoliate once or twice a week try sticking with a
gentle exfoliator so it doesn’t cause any damage to the skin and especially if
you have sensitive skin go for a product like a facial scrub or a really gentle
brush that’s meant for sensitive skin I want to use warm water when you’re
washing your face because this is going to open up your pores and help to clean
them out and then you want to end it with putting cold water on your face
because the cold water is going to close the pores basically a pore is like this
little hole in your skin so when you’re washing and cleansing it you want the
the holes to be open so you can get in there and clean them out and all that
jazz when you’re done you want to close them back up so that anything else you
put on top of your face will not get into the pores but we’ll just lay on the
surface it’s also really good for when you’re applying foundation because you
want to apply foundation on a very smooth surface hope that makes sense so the
way you dry your face is also really important it’s very common to just use a
regular towel and rub it on your face to dry it but that is actually damaging
your skin a little bit and causing premature wrinkles so you want to use a
microfiber towel a really plush and soft face towel I have this face towel from
Daiso I think it was anywhere from 1 to 3 dollars it’s super soft and cushiony
and not only that but you want to Pat it into your skin you don’t want to rub if
you don’t have one of these towels and all you have is your towel the best
thing you could do is just Pat it I still do that because sometimes I get
lazy to go for this towel then I’ll just use my regular towel but I always always
Pat it but for the best results you can just let your skin air dry now the next
step is the mask so in today’s video I’m going to be using the
super cute face mask from the creme shop and I was gifted this from my friend and
I’ll be trying it on for the first time I especially love masks that are made in
Korea or made in Japan because they’re quite inexpensive but work really really
now the mask is a little bit complicated in terms of when to apply it
and what to do after if it’s night time you want to finish cleansing the face
but don’t splash your face with cold water because you want to leave those
pores open then go in with a toner which I will explain in the next step and then
apply the mask when you remove the mask Pat the product into your skin and leave
it on overnight your skin is gonna soak up the nutrients overnight so while you
can remove it it’s a pretty good idea to just keep those nutrients on your face
and leave that as your final step for bedtime that’s why I recommend doing
masks at night so that morning your face can be beautiful if it’s in the morning
you will cleanse and then apply the mask on your face then when you
remove it again Pat it into your skin and then apply the toner and the next
steps that I’m going to mention however if the mask is really heavy and you have
really oily skin you can remove the mask just make sure to remove the mask with
warm water and then close your pores by again splashing it with some cold water
then go in with the toner and then the rest of the steps kind of complicated
but luckily you only have to use a mask at least once a week the next skin care
product is a toner this is the Lancome Tonique radiance a toner basically
restores the pH balance in the skin though the pH balance is a pretty
complex and complicated scientific term if you go on google there’s just like
this long explanation of what it is so basically what it is is the pH balance
of your skin needs to be balanced and leveled at all
times the products you put on it whether or not smoke pollution sun exposure all
those things change the ph balance of your skin so you want to keep it leveled
and a toner does that however whether or not you need a toner kind of depends on
your cleanser nowadays a lot of the cleansers contain moisturizing
properties so you don’t need a toner as much as you did maybe ten years ago
basically cleansers used to really dry out your skin so you needed a toner to
add back in that moisture you basically want to add as much moisture as you can
however I always use a toner because the toner for me helps to remove any excess
dirt and debris and any leftover makeup on my face that I wasn’t able to remove
with with a cleanser another thing that toners can do for you is it can act as
another exfoliator I just got these exfoliating cotton pads and they have
little bumps on the end so as you are removing any excess stuff off your face
these will also exfoliate I always have makeup around the base here so this
works really well I’ll just go in there and it will remove that excess makeup
really really well the next step is a serum I’m going to be using my Lancome
advanced genifique youth activating concentrate sometimes they call them
concentrate sometimes they call them serum I love this stuff I was always a
little skeptical about serums but after using this I am always using a serum
within a few days of using this product honestly I feel like within the first
day I noticed that it was clearing up my complexion and I didn’t even know it was
supposed to do that so even though there’s so many great serums that I’ve
use out there I have never seen something that works so fast this serum
in particular is supposed to help you to look more youthful within a couple of
weeks so if you are interested I definitely recommend trying it for me I
do feel it’s making my skin look more youthful why because it’s clearing up my
complexion it’s making my skin look more supple and it’s really moisturizing the
skin since I’ve been using this my skin has been looking really really good
now a serum is not necessary especially if you have younger looking skin but
it’s not going to hurt if you use it I like to think of serums as like a luxury
for younger looking skin but more of a necessity as you start getting older I
kind of like to think of a serum as like that extra layer of wax or paint on your
car it’s not necessary but with it it just adds that nice shine that just kind
of makes you want to double take for older skin I feel it’s more necessary
because you want to add as much moisture into the skin as possible because that’s
what’s gonna help your skin to look more youthful and that’s what’s gonna help to
prevent wrinkles if you have really dry skin you might want to skip this step
because it might make you a bit oily throughout the day however if you have
really dry skin you definitely should incorporate a serum because it’s gonna
add that extra layer of moisture to your skin every once in a while I like to go
in and exfoliate my lips I usually use a lip scrub but I don’t have it with me so
I’m gonna go ahead and use a toothbrush and a neat thing with this Lancome serum
is that you can also apply it to your lips it makes your lips look healthier
and like more supple the next step is an under-eye cream I’m going to be using
the Shiseido white lucent under-eye cream because this is really good for
brightening the under eyes I started using under eye creams a few years ago
and it’s strange because around that time I kind of was noticing like little
fine lines but now years later I don’t I hardly notice it so I can say that these
under eye creams are working I personally suffer with dark under-eye
sir it’s really just something that’s
genetic some people struggle with puffiness some people struggle with
wrinkles so you want a under-eye product that’s catered to what you’re looking for
the eye area is very very delicate it is the thinnest skin on your face that’s
why the first signs of aging you see usually occur under the eyes so the way
to fight that is to constantly keep the under eye area moisturize when you’re
applying under-eye cream you want to be very gentle since this skin is so
delicate so you definitely want to use your index finger I think it’s called
your index finger for the last step I’m going to be using this renergie lift
multi-action ultra moisturizer that contains SPF 30 I do like how this feels
on the skin it’s very smooth and soft and definitely makes my skin feel
smoother as well I also really love the applicator on this I feel like this is
one of the best applicators for a moisturizer just one pump I could
squeeze out the perfect amount I don’t know why I just love that one I could
completely smooth the pump and it gives me the right amount of product that I
need for the morning you’re gonna want to use a light moisturizer and an SPF
our moisturizer with sunscreen but for nighttime you want to make sure that
you’re using something for the night because you don’t want to keep the SPF
on your face at night it’s not that healthy for your skin to just like leave
it sitting there at night SPF is super important so if you don’t have a two in
one product just use a light moisturizer and then you can apply an SPF on top of
that I know two people personally my mother included who have brown spots
from not wearing sunscreen and they are not very happy with it they even want to
get surgery to have it removed just always make sure to wear your sunscreen
regardless of whether you’re trying to get a tan or not you’ll still be able to
get a little bit of a tan but definitely put that sunscreen on so I just showed
you a proper skincare routine this skin care routine is going to help you achieve
a healthy and youthful complexion if you would like to see more helpful tutorials
like this make sure to subscribe and also hit that notification bell so you
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forget to give it a thumbs up share it with your friends thank you guys so much
for watching and I’ll see you all in the next video bye

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