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Proper Skin Care Routine using Lancome Products

WATCH: PROPER SKIN CARE ROUTINE Proper Skin Care Routine How many times have you asked yourself: What is a good skin care routine? What are all the skin care products I need? When do I use this skin care product? What does this skin care product mean? What’s a serum, what’s a lotion? Will this skin care product work for my oily skin? If you’ve been asking yourself these questions & have been confused for years just like me. Then you MUST watch this PROPER SKIN CARE video. I’m going to show you a morning & night skincare routine that works for every skin type! I’m going to list the face cleansing steps for each skin care product so you’ll know exactly when to use them. Trust me, I know how confusing it gets, especially when you want that beautiful & flawless complexion. After so many years I have finally mastered the art of skin care & so I want to teach you too. Say goodbye to your confusion 🙂 Whether you need a face routine for clear skin or need some advice for oily & sensitive skin, I GOTCHU! Watch this video if you want to learn: – Basic Skin Care techniques for every skin type – The order in which to use each skin care product In this video I’m going to be using 2 skin care products that were gifted to me for testing purposes. Not only do I believe in a good skin care routine, I also believe in using good quality skin care. This is why I choose to use these Lancome skin care...