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Underbelly Ramen

This is the “Belly of the Beast” ramen from Underbelly in Northpark. My goodness it was delicious. However, wish the pork meat was more tender. This ramen has soft boiled egg, oxtail dumplings (tried oxtail for the first time…amazing!), smoked...

El Torito Taco Tuesday

One of my favorite things to do on a Tuesday. Eat a ton of chips with salsa, sip on a pineapple and coconut blended Margarita, and have some...

Santouka Ramen

Santouka Ramen at San Diego’s Mitsuwa. Miso ramen with Chashu pork and a side dish of rice with onion and bonita fish...

Pala Goodness – Newly discovered chicken dish

        Now crab is one of my favorite foods, so it would be no surprise that Pala Choices Buffet is one of my favorite restaurants. Here we have some delicious crab legs. Alongside we have some newly discovered chicken dish that is out of this...

Eating in Vegas

These foods pretty much summed up all the goodness we consumed during our Vegas trip. Surprisingly there were no buffets this time, but I’m really glad I got to experiment with all these foods, because they were delicious and quite unique! Jazz fries with Crack...

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